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I’d check the apps throughout the day to get fresh leads, meet them, narrow down the list, and then attempt to close them by asking for a second date.

My process was a lot like managing a sales pipeline through a piece of software like Salesforce.

I didn’t swipe right on the good-looking profile pictures because I thought they would never go for an average looking guy like me. Girls who were a lot younger than me were throwing themselves at me.

If you weren’t good enough from the start, then you never will be. Use the apps as a way to randomly sleep with as many girls as possible.

The dating gods are not going to ride in on a rainbow unicorn and give you some drop-dead gorgeous person who’s got a perfectly tanned body, and an amazing ass, with an incredible personality.

Get to work and stop allowing wet dreams to ruin your life.

I vowed to set myself a goal to get this area of my life sorted out. I had never sent texts to girls that I had never met in person before. Many of my friends have been single for more than 5 years and I decided that was not going to happen to me. I wanted to put in the maximum effort I could so that if I failed, I knew that I had given it everything I could. It was a friend of a friend that had been crowdsourced via Facebook for me. She was into pole dancing and collecting these crystals that apparently heal you or something like that. I rolled up to the date one hour early to ensure I didn’t miss getting car parking. She messaged at 8 pm and said she was leaving home now and would be late.

That was until her slightly quirky family decided to create a dating profile for her on Tinder.– Tony Soprano with his gambling addiction– There was chef with his quirkiness– There was “Tradie” with his 30-year-old model body and six pack– There was “bikie” who attempted a forced kiss in the middle of a dark car park All of this got me thinking: Seeing my co-worker’s success inspired me. I figured if I were going to reach this goal of finding someone through online dating, I would have to put in the work to shorten the time it takes. Not to impress the girls, but to make sure I was feeling good before each date.

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