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The National Enquirer’s cover featured a photo they claimed showed Simmons wearing women’s clothes. Simmons was hospitalized over the weekend for what the fitness guru said was exhaustion.

Dogged by rumors for much of her career, Queen Latifah has refused to comment about her personal life.After reports surfaced that he was being held in his home against his will earlier this year, Simmons told Entertainment Tonight "I am not kidnapped.I am just in my house right now," adding "no one should be worried about me." The man answered, "No," Then Richard replied, "Well you better find a girl or everyone will think you're queer! " The startled guy responded, "No." Then, he continued with his unwelcome intervention in front of the man's six friends and 100 strangers. " The guy did everything he could to stay composed and process what just happened. " The man's friend said, "Apologize." Richard refused to apologize, instead tried to get the man to sign up for his food program." Then he went back to the birthday boy and was merciless. Later, he went up to Richard and said, "My friends are offended by what you said to me." Richard seemed surprised asking them if it was true. The birthday boy spent the whole weekend trying to get over the shame, humiliation and anger that Richard created.

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