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When it comes to security, a healthy dose of paranoia isn't an aberration, it's a survival trait – and one that Zuck is lacking in.

The picture also appears to show that Zuckerberg is running Thunderbird.

- Check Windows System Properties to confirm you see the ASUS logo or link to the ASUS website for support to indicate you are using the original ASUS factory image and somebody hasn't reinstalled Windows, but don't expect you should see any software-related problems out of the box with the original factory image.It kind of makes sense – when Zuck cut his coding teeth, Mozilla's email client was very popular and nostalgia is a powerful force in software.Facebook has spent around m keeping its head honcho secure, according to SEC filings.- Might be a little early to mention this, but if you just received the unit and still have time to return or exchange it through your store, something to keep and eye on and consider if there appears to be a hardware problem with your unit.Well, you may want to get more opinions, but hope this helps some. Ive been using the device for the last 3 weeks, but i didnt test the webcam and mic firsthand and i just noticed it recently.. -I think returning this will be the last resort, but im not sure cause its the only problem of the laptop so far.

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