Updating a slow computer

The fastest way to get your computer back up to speed is to run through the list of the most common problems and perform the fix for each.Think of this as like an MOT for your PC — once you’ve performed each of the simple bits of maintenance in this guide, your computer will be running its best again unless there’s a more serious issue that needs solving by a professional.

Here’s how to uninstall programs you no longer use from your PC: When you’re clearing your computer of unused programs, make sure to keep an eye out for unneeded software that came bundled with your computer and out-of-date versions of antivirus programs.

Find out how to get your speed back to normal with these troubleshooting tips.

The first step in troubleshooting a slow computer is a restart, which can often fix less serious issues that are slowing down your computer's speed.

If your computer takes an age to start, this simple fix could be the end of your problems: Stopping as many programs as possible from running as soon as you start up your computer could potentially end your slow startup times.

Furthermore, it could also make your computer run faster beyond booting up, as you won’t have unneeded programs you didn’t know about running in the background.

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