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For example, a second grader who cannot read letters or numbers aloud when he is called on may be relieved that this is because of trouble with RAN, not because he is “dumb.” Armed with this knowledge and the awareness that therapy will help him with this problem, he will likely persevere with the arduous task that lies before him rather than give up. For example, you could have an early elementary school student have “a race” against the clock to see how quickly he can name written/pictured items.Alternatively, he can compete against himself to name as many animals as he can in a minute.

He may need to verbalize the sounds corresponding to the letters of the alphabet to cue himself as well.The effortlessness of driving a well-known route can be referred to as automaticity.In reading, such fluency (or automaticity) allows one to see an object, symbol, or word, and name or process it quickly and accurately.Assessment Standardized tests such as the Comprehensive Test Of Phonological Processing (CTOPP) and RAN-RAS (Rapid Automatized Naming-Rapid Alternating Stimulus) assess rapid automatic naming of pictured items, numbers, and letters.Once you have formally tested your student’s difficulty with rapid naming or word retrieval, you may wish to probe a little further.

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For example, if the task is “Name as many appliances as you can in one minute,” he should try to see himself walking through each room in the house (in his mind’s eye) while noting the appliances in the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, etc.

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