Naruto dating hinata

After getting results from Naruto, Shizune tells Tsunade that he doesn't have the chakra virus but sneezed due to pepper he had in his pocket and Sakura just had an allergic reaction from Naruto's sneeze.After he is released, Naruto demands an apology from Tsunade for her mistake though Tsunade says it wasn't a mistake and it was just an "emergency drill".Tsukado fails to defeat him so Naruto decides to teach him unusual revenge lessons.

Yet, when his life was put in danger by people he had wronged, Naruto was the first to come to his rescue.

They all run outside to see two ninja named Gameru and Kusune who demand more tools from Iou who refuses.

Naruto and Neji decide to fight them and Gameru and Kusane summon two prototype tools of Iou's, Dako and Tsuru-Kame.

Naruto runs into three female ninja from the Hidden Waterfall Village that want information on the Leaf Village's border patrol that Naruto had discovered earlier on. Iruka tries to protect Naruto as best he can, but is rescued by Kakashi. Back in the present Leaf Village, Yamato is informed by Shikaku that Naruto had defeated Pain.

An ANBU member then tells Shikaku that he is expected at a very important meeting.

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