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There is also an option to join in group messaging, exchanging pictures, videos, and audio messaging as well.You can also liven up your chat sessions with images, emoticons, stickers, and other fun elements.Read our FCN Webcam and Microphone Guide to learn more.

We also now have a user friendly mobile interface so you can chat with friends whenever you want, wherever you are! Tenko Chabashira: Ew who would follow you Kaede Akamatsu: Hey guys! Kirumi Tojo: Yes, you may be rude and quite threatening at times, but I wish you the very best year. Kaito Momota: Can y'all stop fucking commenting on this my phone is vibrating every second Kokichi Ouma: HKokichi Ouma: i Kokichi Ouma: w Kokichi Ouma: h Kokichi Ouma: a Kokichi Ouma: t Kokichi Ouma: s Kokichi Ouma: u Kokichi Ouma: p : How does a train eat? Kokichi Ouma: this is actually horrible Kiibo: What? Rantaro Amami: Nothing Kiibo Shuichi Saihara: It's actually a really fun game, you should play with me Kiibo Kokichi Ouma: you should NOT robot! Kokichi Ouma: Ok Kibot, please don't play Farmville with that excuse of a detective Shuichi Saihara: go fuck yourself Kokichi Ouma: I already do Miu Iruma: fucking stop you dipshits Kaede Akamatsu: what the hell is this??? Miu Iruma: NO ONE LIKES FARMVILLE SHUT UPShuchi Saihara: ..... Kokichi Ouma: Gonta if you start playing farmville, we're not friends anymore. Gonta wants to be friends with everyone D: Kaede Akamatsu: Don't threaten him please he doesn't deserve it Maki Harukawa: ... Kaede Akamatsu: I think we should use a group chat if every post is gonna be like this... This is taking an excessive amount of space and just completely destroying my notifications. Rantaro: she's drunk Shuichi: I hate my life Kiibo: whats is 'drunk'? Angie: Angie always has a great day : D all thanks to Kami-Sama Himiko: Oh wow..many messages Korekiyo: Indeed. Ryoma Hoshi: ^Gonta Gokuhara: Gonta wishes you a happy birthday! Kokichi Ouma: stop yelling, please Shuichi Saihara: This is a Facebook post? Tsumugi Shirogane: Well, you see Kaede Akamatsu: STOPKaito Momota: I'm literally about to fucking delete my account Tsumugi Shirgane: when someone is lonely and Kokichi Ouma: Wait are you calling me lonely??? Kokichi Ouma: stfu I have more bitches than you Shuichi Saihara: anyone else here wanna add me on farmville? Kaito Momota: Does anyone know how to download the game to a mac? Kaede: aww that would be nice :)Kiibo: does anyone know whats wrong with Iruma??? Himiko: night Smol_Otaku_Bookworm, Hakai Eve, Zach Plum, sy11037, Xelosthe, dfriel1996, ikirumii, Rising Silver Dragon, rxelien, Minack, Irurna, 9pm_alpaca, Random Munchkin, Hellb0y, Neik, Sakura10594, Fullmoonrose, Hexcav_Lio, Shiraru, Korekinkshaming_Shingucci, Lawsonsog, and Codelyoko674 as well as 34 guests left kudos on this work!even Ryoma got in Rantaro Amami: that's actually hilarious, the joke and the fact that you're like 5 LOLRyoma Hoshi: You've been beat, son. Kokichi Ouma: Meet me in the DMS cryptid Kokichi Ouma: LMAOO ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUSShuichi Saihara: shit I didn't mean to do that Angie Yonaga: Angie will play with you!! Miu Iruma: wtf Angie Kaito Momota: Who even plays famville anymore? Kaede: yeah, says she doesn't wanna see kids getting drunk Kaede: and that she needs some herself Miu: ffs :( Maki: She is way too immature. Angie: Angie doesn't know D: Korekiyo: Are we the only two online? Angie: we should :3 Himiko: I'm going whether I'm alone or not Angie: Angie will go with you ! Kokichi Ouma: watch your mouth gremlin Ryoma Hoshi: I would rethink my words if I were you. Kirumi: Thank you Harukawa, I would prefer not to clean up the after mess tomorrow morning. Maki: Kaito, you idiot you better not be drinking too.

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Amami Rantaro: I hope your year sucks tbh Kokch Ouma: You're not invited anymore :( Gonta: Happy Birthday to my close buddy Ouma Kokichi! I thought it was funny :(Miu Iruma: don't listen to him Kiibo, he's just pissed off because they said he was too short to ride the rollercoaster at the amusement park and that he looks like a fucking kid lmaoooo Kokichi Ouma: THATS NOT TRUE AND YOU KNOW IT Kaede Akamatsu: Good joke Kiibo! Rantaro Amami: haha I thought Kiibo's joke was funny but that was good! Kokichi Ouma: Shuichi I'll play Huniepop with you though : DShuichi Saihara: Okay. Kaede: Please don't leave :(Kokichi: You're seriously going to attack me already???? Miu: Finally somewhere I can post my nsfw pics too Shuichi: uhhh what Kiibo: What does nsfw mean? Maki: If I see one nsfw work picture here I'm blocking all of you except Kaede, Kiibo and Gonta. Kaede: oh no Miu: y'all are soooo mean I just had to fight a demon by myself Kaito: demon? Korekiyo: Are we all still going to the amusement park this Saturday?

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