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One of Bulgaria’s main tourist attractions is a group of glacial lakes located high in the Rila Mountains.The appropriate time to visit the lakes is in the summer months, as even in June the lakes can be frozen, with the terrain alternating between deep snow drifts and patches of brilliant wildflowers.The village is full of memorials and museum houses displaying ethnographical treasures, old weapons and farm implements, national costumes, artwork, and jewellery.Hadji Neikovi Guest Houses – Budget Guest House accommodation in a family home from €15pn Often referred to as the Pearl of the Black Sea, the historic town of Nessebar dates back to antiquity, when it was founded as a Thracian settlement known as Menebria.Sofia – the capital – is probably not the most beautiful city you can visit, but once you get out into the countryside and start exploring the gorgeous coastline, I think you’ll fall captive to Bulgaria’s special charm.Here is my choice for the most beautiful places to visit in Bulgaria..

Still, one senses Bulgaria’s former greatness when walking through the gates of this picturesque stronghold. It is the smallest city in Bulgaria and it is home to some of the best wineries in the country.Legends say the lakes were formed by the tears of a female giant, crying for her beloved.Ellis Shuman and his wife, Jodie, lived in Sofia for two years 2009-2010.The Old Town is best known for its Bulgarian Renaissance architectural style, with colorful houses displaying the National Revival’s unique exterior characteristics on every corner.Walking up the hill is a delight, with the many galleries and house museums all worth a visit.

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