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An estimated 156,000 dwellings in Harris County, or more than 10 percent of all structures in the county where Crosby is located, were damaged by flooding, according to the flood control district.The community where the Casas family lived doesn't have an official name. chemical plant in Crosby that flooded earlier this week, causing a fire and explosion that evacuated a 1.5-mile radius around the plant.San Antonio drivers reported that 72 percent of the area’s roughly 630 gas stations had run dry by Friday afternoon as farmers, transportation companies and businesses scrambled to find backup fuel, according to data submitted by drivers to gas price tracker Gas See incredible details of the damage in before and after aerial images from Nearmap CROSBY, Texas (AP) — Silvia Casas' eyes welled with tears Friday as she surveyed the damage from Harvey to what once was a working class, mostly Hispanic neighborhood near Crosby, Texas.Around the corner, a sinkhole had swallowed two cars and was filled with brown, mucky water.A neighborhood stray dog, fed by everyone, weathered the flood by standing on the Casas' roof.Back near Crosby, Mary Ann Avila was thinking the same thing as Bartee once she saw her destroyed home. The only room left standing was her daughter's bedroom.

Leisure and hospitality jobs rose by 3,300 in September in seasonally adjusted numbers, helping the San Antonio job base rise by a total of 3,000 overall, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.Silvia and Rafael Casas said their family got no official evacuation warning when the floodwaters came last Friday.They were told to leave when they lost power, but the lights stayed on."I didn't completely have to start over on the first one.I was able to save a lot of things and pick up the pieces and go along.

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