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Decked out in flowers -- in pots on the twinkly lit patio floors -- Off Vine is one of the more quaint, charming, almost preciously un-Hollywood restaurants in Tinseltown.The rustic, remodeled American Craftsman cottage will make even the most hardened date swoon; add in great food and music that includes classics by everyone from Whitney Houston to Cat Stevens, and you've got yourself a sure thing (or at least a sure-ish thing).From the intimacy of the Moroccan-influenced cabanas and the refined grand veranda, to the intellectually stimulating library lounge and lively pulse of the old-school bar, this Studio City seductress knows how to please any romance-seeker’s needs.Start the evening in the bar, move onto dinner in a cabana or veranda, then indulge in a nightcap seated with thighs touching on the sofa in the library.Romantic restaurants may seem like a clichéd way to heat things up with your sweetheart (or that hottie you just swiped right to), but with LA’s next-level food scene and penchant for dramatic design, it’ll actually do the job -- and then some.Whether it’s 360-degree views of the city skyline or lush hideaways lit by candles, here are LA’s sexiest restaurants to set the mood.However, romantic decor in a living room or den with a fireplace creates a cozy, intimate space, ideal for snuggling with a loved one or simply enjoying a relaxed and comforting environment.

Thanks to this old-school spot's twinkly patio lights, roses, candles, and “you’re the most important person here” service, it's no wonder you’ll likely be party to a marriage proposal, birthday, or 50th wedding anniversary celebration on any given evening.

It’s one of the few refreshingly refined restaurants in town where a suit (and even a tie! If you’re at Mélisse, you may as well go all out and indulge with one of the wine-paired tasting menus. Nonetheless, you've got to give the owners credit for running one of LA's OG romantic date-night destinations.

Sure, it’s slightly snobby (and very expensive), but that’s part of the fun. You can't discount the fact that not even time has been able to diminish its twinkly allure -- every table hugs a natural, cascading creek bed, while the gazebo table looks out over the rest of the crowd (request it in advance).

Patio twinkly lights fire pits a canopy of trees not to mention the addictive craft cocktails perfectly shareable, tastebud-awakening foods = the quintessential romantic spot on the Eastside.

If you haven’t been on a date here, it’s time to emerge from your cave.

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