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Due to strict rules of engagement, American soldiers are not allowed to participate in combat in Central America. In mid-May 2012, protestors in Ahuas rioted in the streets and set fire to government buildings. He gained attention in Honduras when he was described as a "cipote malcriado" (badly brought up kid) by Liberal Party leader Rafael Pineda Ponce. It is a way of connecting with her heritage, and a way to change the lives of people like her. Juliana Gutierrez, a woman's health nurse assigned to Naval Hospital Pensacola in Florida, is one of three translators, out of 85 total service members deployed to Central America, as part of SPS 17.

“Contra” rebels, waging a guerrilla war against the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua, used Honduras as a training and staging area. In 1997, Carlos Flores Facussé of the Liberal Party was elected president.The second-largest country in Central America, Honduras is slightly larger than Tennessee.Generally mountainous, the country is marked by fertile plateaus, river valleys, and narrow coastal plains. During the first millennium, Honduras was inhabited by the Maya. Honduras, with four other Central American nations, declared its independence from Spain in 1821 to form a federation of Central American states. Tiburcio Carias Andino established a strong government in 1932.A group of countries, including the United States and Venezuela–an unlikely alliance, signed a resolution condemning the actions of the Honduran military and demanded that Zelaya be reinstated as president. Roberto Micheletti, with the backing of the Honduran Congress, courts, and army, assumed leadership of the country.Zelaya, on the other hand, had the support of most of Latin America's leftist governments, including the leaders of Argentina, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

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According to officials, the cause was an inmate setting fire to his mattress.

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