Android weather widget not updating location

The 2.0 release, years in the making, is now available for most 4.0 devices.

We've uploaded the APK as usual, since some users are getting location-based blocks.

Other options include country-specific settings and, very cool, a Daydream for news stories. All in all, it's a great update to an app that a lot of people (including yours truly) have come to use daily.

If I could add one thing it would be a dark theme, just because I've gotten so used to the dark news after relying on the old Genie widget for so long.

Though you're dependent on the filters in the Google News web service for the stories themselves, the widget is a fantastic way to get some topical news.

It works well in both its compact and expanded forms.

The app that opens with the widget has been redesigned from the ground up.

The main page is "Headlines," which shows you your location-based weather in the main "card." The card expands to show the temperature and precipitation throughout the day, much like the old full-screen weather page.

There is no conventional Settings menu, but all the options are available from just about anywhere in the app.The same basic layout is included, but the app visuals and design have been brought forward into the Kit Kat (and in some places, Android L) era.In case it isn't obvious, the darker screenshots are from the old version, pre-installed on the Nexus 5. The standard 4x1 widget that's been there forever remains structurally the same, but there are some big changes.This widget includes the five-day forecast on top and a scrolling list of news stories below, presented in the style of an RSS feed .The stories aren't infinite, and after a few you're given a link to the main app.

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This mirrors the editor-selected Spotlight section on the Google News website.

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