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Aside from its clinical context, “depression” may be used synonymously with terms like “low mood”, “distress”, or to describe varying degrees of sadness.

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Move users from one volume to another I would like to move my users home directories from one volume to another to facilitate better organization and utilization of resources. I know I could take the one road of recreating the directory structure on the new volume and moving the files and updating the user object... I know its possible in AD, but it will not update the MPS database.

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And when we're hiding our sexuality, we're shutting down the most raw, real, stripped-down parts of ourselves. My first week on the job I was sitting in the boardroom chatting with my colleagues before a very formal business meeting, when a co-worker asked the room "Where should my husband and I have dinner on Valentine's Day? An hour later, my boss called me into her office."We don't really talk about our personal life here, Zara," she gently told me. I hadn't gabbed to the team about my sex life; I had just casually mentioned Valentine's Day -- what was so deeply personal about that?


This character is now collecting donations and volunteers for, a service where adults will enter children’s chatrooms to monitor for paedophile activity. They’re in a secure facility “with an iron lid under a mountain!